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5 Steps to Better Pet Health - Pet Medical Center of San Antonio

Pet health, especially for new owners, is something that is essential for the longevity and happiness of your loved one. At Pet Medical Center of San Antonio, we offer comprehensive services such as boarding and grooming, and general health care for your pet. However, here are some tips to better the health of your pet! 

1. Feed your Pet a High-Quality Diet

In order to keep your pet healthy, it’s important to feed them a balanced, nutritious diet. Selecting natural meats, veggies, and fruits, keeps their coat shiny and promotes healthy skin and bright eyes. Understanding your pets’ diet, knowing what is in the food that you’re feeding them, can enhance their overall health and temperament. 

2. Exercise Your Pet and Socialize Them

Physical exercise is a great way to keep up the long-term health and welfare of your pet. This means taking part in activities such as taking your dog on daily walks and purchase scratching posts for cats. Playing with pets can not only strengthen your bond, but also keep them toned and active.

3. Dental Care for your Pet

It’s important to care for your pet’s dentition by practicing at-home oral care, and taking your pet for their annual visits with the vet. If your pet is experiencing the following issues, it’s best to have them checked sooner before the problems increase: bad breath, broken or loose teeth, retained baby teeth, abnormal chewing, reduced appetite or refusal to eat, bleeding and swelling, or pain in or around the mouth

Brushing your pet’s teeth as often as you brush your own is the most effective way to maintain their oral health between their examinations. Gradually introduce an oral health routine by starting with brushing the outsides of the teeth, and continuing the process patiently. Avoid the use of human toothpastes, as they contain foaming agents that shouldn’t be consumed by dogs or cats. Toothbrushes and finger brushes are recommended, and there are a variety of wipes available to remove plaque and sustain your pet’s oral health. 

4. Spay and Neuter our Pet

For dogs and cats, there are various ages where this procedure is highly recommended. There are various medical and behavioral benefits for spaying and neutering your pets. Female pets can live longer, healthier lives, preventing cancers and uterine infections. Spaying your female pet prevent the process of going into heat, suppressing the urge to yowl and urinate frequently. Male dogs will be less likely to roam away from home to find a mate, and are overall are better behaved with some aggression problems reduced if early neutering is applied. 

5. Visit your Veterinarian 

Pets require regular veterinary care, and this goes beyond just routine vaccinations. Frequent vet visits allow you to be accountable for your pet’s health and mindful of any health issues that you may have been unaware of. Early diagnosis of any outstanding conditions leads to less cost later on and keeps your pet healthy longer. 

For more information on pet health and wellness, contact our San Antonio vet at Pet Medical Center of San Antonio. 

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