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Laser Therapy and Surgery

Laser Technology at Pet Medical Center of San Antonio

As a pet owner, it is understandable to feel apprehensive toward what may be a complex treatment for your pet. However, with the use of innovative laser technology, for both surgery and therapy, comfortable solutions are available for specific procedures. At the Pet Medical Center of San Antonio, we utilize Cutting Edge Lasers® for pain management and to make surgery a clean and easy process for your pet. We want to ensure your pet is comfortable and is treated with respect and care.

Laser Therapy for Pets

Senior pets who have developed arthritis and need treatment for their pain can find relief with laser therapy, which eliminates any discomfort they may feel. This is a holistic approach that doesn’t call for medications for your pet. If you are fearful of the negative-side effects of medications, laser therapy is ideal and serves as a supplement for your pet’s natural healing process.
If your pet is experiencing the following, laser therapy may be beneficial:

- Arthritis
- Open wounds
- Chronic pain
- Nerve damage
- Muscle injury

At the Pet Center of San Antonio, we concentrate laser beams over affected tissue for about eight to 30 minutes. By emitting light that stimulates cells, laser therapy encourages cell stability and metabolism. This treatment reduces pain signals sent to nerves, stimulates blood circulation, and releases endorphins. Each treatment is specific to your pet and their needs, whether it takes just one treatment or a weekly session, we do our best to treat your pet until improvement is achieved in their overall comfort and happiness. Our San Antonio veterinarian goes through the best treatment regimen for your pet before treatment.

Laser Pet Surgery in San Antonio

While traditional surgeries call for longer healing times, use of lasers promotes expedient healing. Laser surgery can be used for all soft tissue and orthopedic procedures as well as: 

- Biopsies or tumor removals 
- Cosmetic surgeries
- Dental surgery
- Spay and neuter

Utilizing this innovative technology allows for complete sterilization of the treatment site, less trauma during the procedure, and a faster healing process with minimal swelling. The laser seals blood vessels and nerves and allows your pet to heal in the same day. With traditional methods, surgical de-clawing means pets are unable to walk comfortably after their procedure. With the use of lasers, however, your cat will be ready to play and walk with ease faster than receiving the procedure with traditional tools. 

At Pet Medical Center of San Antonio, our caring and dedicated staff are there throughout the procedure and after to provide care and attention to your pet. For more information about laser de-clawing, spay, and neutering, or pain management, contact our San Antonio veterinarian today!