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Traveling for the holidays?

Make sure you call Pet Medical Center of San Antonio to make your boarding reservations early!

We look forward to the festivities and to making your pet feel at home during this special time of year! Call us today to make sure your pet has a warm, safe, and comfy home while you are away! As you can imagine, we fill up quickly, so give us a call today.

You can download our Boarding Admission Form and New Client Form here

At Pet Medical Center of San Antonio, we offer boarding and grooming to give your pet the care and love they deserve. As fellow pet owners, we provide the best for our pets, whatever they may need. This is why we are committed to providing a friendly, comforting environment in which every pet can thrive. Our clients can also enjoy the convenience of grooming services to keep you pet, clean, healthy, and happy. 

Pet Boarding 

We understand how stressful it can be for both owner and companions alike to be separated. Whether you have a cat or a dog, we have a place specifically for them at our facility. With individual spaces, and play areas, Pet Medical Center of San Antonio is dedicated to providing personalized attention and care that is specific to your pet’s health needs and comfort level. Our modern facilities include tiles floors, extra bedding and suites if desired, and a two-way intercom system so pet owners can call in and talk to their pets. Our goal is provide a stress-free for pets and to ensure that their owners are at ease. 

Cat Condos with Great Views

For visiting felines, our San Antonio pet center offers cat condos that are spacious and comfortable. Viewable from the little windows in our waiting area, clients and owners can see cat tenants lounging. These condos allow cats the opportunity to observe their surroundings without any noise or individuals to bother them. If you desire a larger space for your pet, we offer one to four spaces to choose from. These upscale kitty condos are relaxing facilities, allowing your pet space where they can sleep and play without interruption. 

Dog Boarding 

Located in the back of our center, visiting dogs have individual spaces in which there is no access to neighboring dogs. We have a variety of size spaces, the standard being three feet by six feet. Dogs are let out twice a day for facilitated play time and owners are encouraged to bring special toys, blankets, and other trinkets that will make their pets’ stay more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Pet Grooming Services in San Antonio

Whether your pet needs a quick shampoo, a nail check and trimming, or just needs to be rid of fleas, our groomers at Pet Medical Center of San Antonio are to help your pet look their best. With our focus on exceptional care and numerous services, we groom pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

Upon your scheduled grooming appointment, be sure to let our staff know if your pet has any skin allergies so that we can provide the right medicated shampoo and skin conditioner. We also welcome specific feedback on how you would like your pet to be styled. Pet owners are able to leave their pet with us for their grooming appointment and can come in later in the day to pick them up. With the convenience of having the doctor and groomer in the same facility, if our groomers find a medical condition the doctor is notified and your pet can be treated the same day.

For more information about our pet grooming and boarding services, contact our staff at our San Antonio veterinary practice today!. We hope to enrich you and your pet’s lives so that you can love them longer.