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Pet Boarding in San Antonio

Canine Influenza Notice

Due to recent reports of Canine Influenza in the the Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas, we strongly recommend dogs be vaccinated against Canine Influenza prior to boarding in our facility. If you have traveled with your dog outside of the San Antonio area or attended dog competitions within the last 30 days, your dog will be required to have the flu vaccine prior to entry. Once the initial vaccine has been administered, a second vaccine must be given 2 to 4 weeks later to provide complete immunity -- so please plan accordingly to make sure your dog is fully vaccinated before arriving for your boarding reservation. 

Except as noted above, we are not requiring the flu vaccine for the majority of the dogs boarding with us. But we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you have your dog vaccinated for its own protection. 

If you’re planning a vacation and can’t bring your family pet along, Pet Medical Center of San Antonio offers safe, reliable pet boarding services. With highly trained and knowledgeable staff, your pet will receive the quality care that they deserve. Whether you need overnight boarding or pet daycare, our facility can accommodate your pet no matter their size, age, or breed. Our staff adheres to strict handling, cleanliness, and safety guidelines so your pet is in trusted hands. As an added benefit, we do have veterinary staff on hand to take care of any health related issues that may occur while you are away. While these occurrences are rare, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is safe and sound.

Boarding your pet with us includes: 

  • Personal dog kennels
  • Secluded cat area
  • Secluded or group play time for your pet
  • Specialized care for diabetic and special needs pets

Boarding specifications

  • Flea Control – A Capstar tablet will be administered to all pets upon entry to the boarding facility. This is to ensure our facility remains flea-free and is for the protection of your pet and all other pets during their stay with us. There are no exceptions to this requirement and Capstar is safe and compatible with all other flea control products you may have already given your pet. 
  • Bedding – We prefer that pet beds are left at home. Because some pets resort to chewing bed stuffing when suffering from separation anxiety and pet beds can carry fleas, we request that you leave your pet’s bed at home. For comfort, we do provide beds and blankets during your pet’s stay.
  • Feeding – Pets will be fed 1-3 times per day depending on your specifications. All animals are fed a high quality pet food, but you are always welcome to supply your own food. Fresh water is constantly available to pets.
  • Medications – If your pet needs medication(s) administered, please let our staff know upon scheduling your stay, and we will inform you if any additional charges are required.
  • Play Time – extra play time is available in 15 minute increments for an additional fee. Please inform us at check-in if you would like your dog to have extra play time.
  • Toys – You are allowed to bring pet toys with you for your pet’s stay and we encourage it! To prevent confusion, we ask that you write your last name on each toy so at the end of your pet’s stay the toys can be returned to the correct owner.
  • Vaccinations – All pets are required to have up-to-date vaccinations. If your pet needs booster vaccinations, we will administer them upon entry to our facility.

If you have any further questions about boarding your pet with us, or to schedule a stay, please contact our vets in San Antonio today!