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Soft Tissue Surgery for Pets in San Antonio 

If your pet has already been diagnosed with an medical problem and you have been referred to a Veterinary Specialist, please call Mission Veterinary Specialists at  210-737-7373 or visit www.mission.vet. Pet Medical Center of San Antonio does not take referrals for medical problems. 

If your pet has an medical problem that has not yet been examined or if you want a second opinion by a general practitioner, please call us for an appointment. 

Our facility is equipped to handle routine and advanced soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue surgeries are typically performed in conjunction with another service such as oncology, but they can also be performed singularly. Soft tissue refers to anything not involving bones; biopsies, spay and neuter, and foreign body removal are all various types of soft tissue surgery.

It is standard procedure to intensively monitor your pet’s levels during anesthesia and throughout the entire surgery. If you have any questions about your scheduled surgery, or would like to inquire about a soft tissue surgery, please contact our office.

Types of soft tissue surgery:

  • Gastrointestinal (digestive) surgery
  • Urogenital (bladder and/or kidney) surgery
  • Tumor and wart removal
  • Wound repair